GrpFit | Black Health for Us by Us

Our Story

We believe people of color deserve to live longer. However the numbers show us different. The studies show that 76% of Black people in America are overweight or obese, 43% have hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease and stroke are the #1 and #3 leading causes of death, and the list goes on. The Black community only makes up 13% of the population but is disproportionately affected by these, mostly preventable, health issues. Unfortunately, the health, fitness, and wellness industry grossly underserves people of color and the pharmaceutical industry irresponsibly bets on the community being unhealthy to profit.

Our mission is to change that as the world's first Black health tech company. We believe in a world where living healthy while Black is possible. By improving the health of the Black community in America we improve the health of the entire country and therefore the world. Yes our strategy is different, we're creating a responsible, personalized, and culturally fit experience through our products, technology, and content across the health, fitness, and wellness industry. We believe in working with companies, brands, and healthcare to create responsible, effective, and culturally fit solutions. We're different because we're not afraid to fight for the community and be unapologetically for them something that hasn't been done until now.